Tools to Automate Your Life and Your Biz!

Run your business on autopilot.

Run your business on autopilot.

It's so hard to juggle everything on our plates and still find time to manage all of our email and social media accounts.

Marketing and automation are your best friends.

Who has the time to do all of these things and keep up with social media? Not me, that's for sure.

There are too many social media accounts out there to bring in traffic to your site and it's hard to manage all of them on your own.

When I became a blogger and entrepreneur I knew I had to grow my business and my site fast. I want to reach my audience and give them the information and tools they need to succeed.

I love writing and I love meeting new and amazing people. So I traded in my day job to bring all of my knowledge, experience, and skills to you.

My goal is to help others reach their potential and grow their site and business where they want it to be. And in order to do that we need to automate some things and clean off that plate.

Let technology be your virtual assistant.

I used a lot of different tools and was kind of overwhelmed with managing them all. I then needed to narrow down which tools were helping and which ones weren't working for my business.

So if you want to truly automate your life and not be overwhelmed here's the easy list to help you get there.

  • Buffer (Free Version or Premium) – This is a social media scheduler. The Free version allows you to make 10 posts at one time and the Premium version allows you 100 at one time. I found the investment of the Premium version was better for me than the Free version. I have one social media scheduling day and I'm able to schedule all my posts at once. But many bloggers and entrepreneurs use the Free Version and it works perfectly. 
  • Tailwind App (Premium) – There is a free trial and it was great way for me to test out the tool before I purchased. Now I use the paid version which is less than $10/mo so it is a wonderful investment in my book. If you pay annual versus monthly you save about $60 which is about a four month difference between the two. 
  • Mass Planner 2 – this is a paid tool that runs on your computer. It’s AMAZING. This is about $90/yr and helps grow your social media by gaining followers, repining, and keeping up with your boards on Pinterest. They also have other social media platforms you can add but their Pinterest tool is amazing! And of course, 90+% of my traffic comes from Pinterest.
  • Canva - This tool helps you create amazing graphics for your social media accounts quickly and easily. I have a quick tutorial here. And the icing on the cake - it's FREE. 
  • Trello – Love! Love! LOVE! This program. I used Asana and it was great but I like how interactive Trello is. You can move tasks around and it gives you a vertical blueprint of your tasks. Plus, it’s super easy to set up and FREE. Plus, head over to Boss Mom for a free training! It will change your life! 
  • Zapier – One of the easiest automation tools to use. Plus, I love the user interface and options. The free version is great, especially for starting out. You get a lot right off the bat.
  • MailChimp – As far as integrated mailing software goes, MailChimp is amazing. It’s free to use for the first 2,000 subscribers and it’s super easy to navigate. Plus, it’s also really easy to integrate with your WordPress site. I like the features as well. I’ve used other tools in the past but I didn’t like the interface and found some of them hard to integrate with my site and navigate through campaigns. And here's my free training over MailChimp. 

Just starting out and aren't sure where to drop your money? I can help you there too...

From a marketing aspect you want the tools and technology that are going to grow your business the fastest way. The goal in marketing is to see ROI, return-on-investment. Well, this is the same across all businesses - I hope.

So here's my spending breakdown...

Trello - use the free version. This you can upgrade once you can sustain the overhead for your business or blog.

Zapier - use the free version. This tool has great features on the free version that will truly help you get started in automating your life. (There's also IFTTT which is also amazing and free.)

MailChimp - this is already free till you have 2,000 subscribers and by then you should be bringing in enough to offset this overhead cost.

Mass Planner 2 - Buy it! It's about $45 every 6 months, that means it's less than $8 a month. I spend more on my meal at Chipotle :) This is a life saver that will help gain followers and automate your accounts. It's easy to use and setup. Within a week of purchasing, I tripled my followers on Pinterest so yes, definitely a great investment.

Tailwind App - I used the free trial and loved it. I ended up researching other options but I really enjoy to user interface better with Tailwind. So I recommend trying it out but the purchase has definitely made a difference. 

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Final Investment:

  • Buffer (I use this and love it): $10/month
  • Tailwind App: $119 (charged each year)
  • Mass Planner 2: $45 (they charge every 6 months); $90/yr (I'm going to go ahead and total using this amount)

Total: $329 a year; about $27/month

***Please note: You do not have to purchase any of this. I'm sharing what I've done and how I've grown my site's traffic and my Pinterest followers so quickly.

Whether you're a blogger, entrepreneur, or have your own business and need help gaining traffic without spending hours upon hours in front of your computer to do so, you need these automation tools.

Happy automating!