Facebook for Business and Driving Traffic (for free)

Facebook is the largest social media platform with its 2.1 billion active users per month. So when small businesses ask if they should be on Facebook, I can't nod enough in excitement. 

For me and my business, 100% of it has come from Facebook. And about 80% of that from Facebook Groups. 

Yes, that's right, hanging out on Facebook Groups can attract clients and/or connections for free.

But it’s a bit more than just showing up in random groups and promoting yourselves. Facebook, and most social media platforms, is all about the experience and the relationships.

What experience are you creating for people?

What are you offering?

How are you forging friendships and connections?

Forget about viewing people with a dollar sign over their profile picture, you need to look deeper.

When I worked for a marketing agency, it was my job to build these relationships and manage our clients’ accounts. If you truly care for a person, you get to know them pretty quickly and how they communicate.

I began learning more and more about our clients.

For starters, many of us were pregnant around the same time.

On calls about a marketing project, I made sure I also asked about how they were feeling, how excited they were, or what names they were deciding against.

This wasn’t part of some elaborate scheme to get more marketing projects out of them. Honestly, they needed those projects completed no matter if I was nice or not.

But, what this did was build a relationship and a foundation. Instead of just submitted work to me, my clients set aside time to call and chat about the upcoming projects and connect on a personal level.

I was genuine and welcoming as I would be to my neighbors and friends. People take notice of that and start caring about who they’re giving their business to.

So, how can you use Facebook to grow your traffic and your following?

Well, there are a lot of ways.

The different areas of Facebook include your profile, your business page, groups you’re in (or need to be in), and your ads.

Notice that the first three are FREE!

If you’re just starting out, focus on these areas. As your budget allows, you can advance to Facebook Ads.

#1 – Your Profile

Make sure you are using a good headshot as your profile picture. Something more professional or to showcase your brand.

Watch the content you’re posting. Not to say you have to sensor yourself but you should watch what you’re making Public.

I have certain things I only allow close friends to see and everyone else is on a Restricted List, meaning they can only see what I make Public. 

Next, you want to update your mini profile with links to your pages. See image below. This is very important and will reinforce your brand and your legitimacy.


#2 – Your Business Page(s)

I have several. But it’s okay if you just have one.

Focus on filling out each area within the page and incorporate your website, brand, and personality.

Here's my Facebook Page for reference.

Before promoting your page to Groups or inviting family and friends, be sure to have about 5-10 posts up. You can use the handy Backdate feature Facebook has to make it look like a post was created on a different day.

You can also Schedule out posts which comes in handy and is free to use. 

#3 – Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are the next important part in gaining a following and creating awareness.

You can go into groups and post questions, take polls, and connect with people who have a question that you’re able to answer.

BONUS TIP: Don’t hold your cards too close to your vest; meaning, don’t be afraid to help someone else out and use your expertise.

Yes, you’re giving them free information but it will (a) make them aware of you, (b) build you as an authority figure on a specific topic or in a specific niche, and (c) make them want to use you or refer you to others.

It’s not all about just simply joining groups, you want to be sure to join the right groups. 

Here's a breakdown on the different Facebook Groups to join depending on your niche.

Pick 2-3 Groups to be an active participant in. There are literally thousands of Facebook Groups so be strategic on the ones you should be in. 

#4 – Facebook Ads

This is a paid feature in Facebook and one we won’t be diving into in this post but if you’d like to know more here’s an article on my Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to Facebook Ads.

Or this article which is a free training on creating successful Facebook Ads. 

Facebook Ads has multiple campaigns you can run from building awareness to sending people to your website to gaining emails through a lead generation forms.

As you can see, Facebook has a lot to offer and is continuing to grow and change.  

If you're looking at specific training, check out my Resource Library. It's free and I do training over social media marketing and how to grow each platform. 

Leave a comment if this was helpful or if you have a specific question. I'd love to get some feedback!


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