My Facebook Ad Funnel Toolkit & Why it Works!

Understanding Facebook Funnels will do amazing things for your business growth. And it's no secret that I am in love with sales funnels and Facebook. So, of course, I combined them.

For any launch, release, program, grand opening, etc., I always recommend having a Facebook funnel set up in collaboration with an email sales funnel. 


This is going to do a couple of things that will benefit you. 

1. It's going to help you get recognized quicker. If your brand is repeating in front of people in multiple areas, they will be more likely to purchase from you. 

2. It helps promote products, services, launches, etc. quicker. 


On average someone has to come in contact with your brand seven times before they'll click-thru, opt-in, purchase, etc. That means you want these people to grow an attachment to you in a short period of time so they will be more likely to buy what you're selling (even if that's just a free opt-in). 


Here's the quick breakdown of how I setup my Facebook Funnels. If you want the more detailed version that's included in my Facebook Funnel Toolkit. 

Step 1: Thinking and planning stage. 

Think of a simple opt-in. Checklists and Swipe files are very popular right now. 

Step 2: Create an email funnel for the Facebook Ad for your simple opt-in. 

This is one of the most intense stages because you have to think through the full scope of the process and make sure the email sequence corresponds to when they'll also be seeing the Facebook Ads. 

Step 3: Mapping Stage

Map out your budget and how long you want each Ad to run all the way up to your launch. 

In this section, it helps to have a clear idea of the days and times each section is going to launch and the duration each will run. Make sure you launch an Ad at the same time the email that corresponds to that Ad is also hitting their inboxes.

Step 4: Asking for the Upsell

It's always best to show a smaller upsell item before moving them to the full launch. 

For those that don't have something to upsell, I recommend taking a section of the signature program, course, membership, etc. and giving that to them. For example, for my Facebook Ads course (Splash into Facebook), I have a mini course where I've taken a section/module from my signature course and turned it into a mini course. 

It's still incredibly valuable and helpful to the purchaser. And they'll be more willing to purchase it since it's a fraction of the cost of the main course. 

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Step 5: Webinar, Workshop, Live Training, etc.

This is the section you want to move someone to watch you. Video is way more successful than a basic image and text. 

1. It helps people get familiar with you in a short amount of time. 

2. It ramps up sales like nothing else. 

Step 6: Course Launch

Do a hard sell in the webinar and email sequence. This is the big push! Offer incentives if they take quick actions. Offer extra bonuses, one-on-one coaching, limited time offer. 

This should be the lowest your course will ever be for the amount of bonuses and extras you're providing. It's a one-time offer. 

Step 7: Post-launch

Whew! Okay, we're now finished with the crazy, hectic, yet wonderfully successful launch, right? 


Now what? Well, for all those people that didn't buy the course we want to send them one last email and Ad. They've already missed out on the amazing deal for the course, but you still have another product. 

Your mini course!

This is the part where will "softly" push the mini course (or the downsell item). If they didn't purchase the signature course or program because of finances (usually the case) or some other reason, maybe they'll be more willing to buy your mini course or program so they can become even more familiar with you. 

You want to make sure you give these people a different tag and move them into a different nurture sequence. Maybe one that sends them more actionable items and slowly gets back to the signature course or program.