Are you a Mom Entrepreneur?

It's seems women entrepreneurs are taking over the least the online world that is. And not just any women....MOMS! 

That's right!

Not only are you able to push out those little snot-filled balls of craziness and perfection but you are also killing it in business. (Or attempting to.) 

Although there are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many Facebook groups out there to join. I noticed a lack of community. Most of the posts focus around advancing someone else's business or is a place where people drop their social media, website, etc. links and leave. No sense of community and family. 

I didn't want any of that. 

I wanted a group that I could call home. Somewhere that would be an extension of my business. Somewhere where I could actually help other women grow their businesses and help promote each of them. If someone has a win, I want to celebrate that with them. Need a wine night with other mom entrepreneurs? Yes, I'm totally there with a Zoom call and my glass of wine (while hanging out in my PJs). 

We all know how much I LOVE Facebook. I live and breathe it. It's an obsession for sure. 

So, of course, I started my own group where I could build out the community exactly how I wanted. I wanted to bring value, community, more value, and wine! I wanted there to be a place where we celebrate as much about being a mom as we do about being a business owners. 

Profitable Moms was born and it has grown so quickly in just two months. 

So, if you're looking for a Facebook community where you can actually get the training you need to grow your business, meet some amazing women that will help and support you, have a place to share your mommy moments and your business ups and downs, and you like wine (or your preferred drink), then check out my Facebook group. 

We'd love to have you!