5 Tips for Creating Successful Facebook Ads

Hello there! 

So you're curious about Facebook Ads...or you're frustrated with Ads you've already spent money on with no return. 

Marketing is a frustrating and consistently changing game. It takes a lot of work and effort to stay on top of the new trends and rules. 

If you don't have that time, I'd recommend hiring a Facebook Specialist to manage and launch your campaigns for you (As I slowly raise my hand! #pickme )

But if you don't have the money to hire someone to do it for you, you're stuck trying to make it work yourself

Well, I'm here to help either way! 

Tip #1 - Edit your Ad's Placement

This is under the Ad Sets section when creating an ad through Ads Manager or Power Editor. Look at the left hand column and you'll see it. 

Edit the placement to either being on Facebook or Instagram (never do these together for the same ad) and edit where you want it to appear.

Studies show that your ad is more liking to get clicked if you DO NOT put it in the right column. Instead have it on the News Feed only

BONUS: Also run separate ads for desktop and mobile. On desktop you're able to say more and show more. On mobile you're limited on space because it's a small ad.

By creating a unique ad (even if it's under the same campaign) for each placement, you will have more control over your analytics. This will help you see where you're getting the more interactions, which will help save you time and money down the road for future ads.

Plus, if one ad is performing better than another, turn off the least performing one and move that budget over to the more successful ad. 

Tip #2 - Test Your Targeting

I would recommend running two or more campaigns together for a minimum of three days to see which audience does the best. 

Example: If you have one opt-in or webinar that you want to push but are unsure what your target audience is, test several audiences at once. Keep the ad the same but change the audience. 

This is the basis of A/B testing!

By doing this you will get a better understanding of how each audience has interacted with your ad.

Just like in Tip #1, you want to look at your analytics after 72 hours.

This will give you a clear indication of which audience did the best. Turn off the spend from the other audiences and move it over to the ad that's performing the best. 

Tip #3 - Change Your Display Link

Most of the time the link you want to send people to is very chaotic and not at all appealing, especially if you're sending them to a webinar. 

Scroll down to "Display Link" and type in your basic URL to your site. This makes it look more legit and will get a higher click through if your audience can actually see where they'll be sent. 

Tip #4 - Using Videos, Gifs, or Canvas

Facebook has created some amazing formats to connect more with your audience.

Right now videos and gifs are among the more popular trends. But Facebook's Canvas is becoming more popular the more people understand it. 

If you're going to use images only, make that connect through your content and use images that are appealing to your target audience. 

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For videos and gifs, these allow your audience to interact with you. It's been proven that videos and gifs have a higher conversion rate than images but they can be time consuming to make. 

If you're unsure about spending time creating a video that may or may not convert:

  1. Test out an image first with the right audience.
  2. Check the analytics and see how the interaction is with that ad.
  3. Then you can advance to videos and gifs. 

There are free tutorials as well as free software. 

BONUS TIP: Be sure to use subtitles when creating a video or gif. Some people are at work or in a place where they cannot use volume so they'll most likely read the subtitles of the video. 

Tip #5 - Watch the length of your ads!

Keep your ads short and sweet and to the point. 

Most people don't care for length, blog-like ads and will most likely keep scrolling. 

The most successful ads have been short and sweet. Think about keeping it simple and telling them enough to peek their interest so they actually click the ad to move to the next step in the campaign. 

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As always, I'm here to help. If you have a specific problem, post in the comments below. 


5 Tips for Creating Successful Facebook Ads