Resource List

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tools that I use:

  • Acuity Scheduler - This is a wonderful tool that allows clients to automatically sync to my calendar for a meeting/appointment. It's completely freed up so much time and has helped me automate my scheduling process. There's Free and Paid versions. 
  • Buffer - A scheduler for your social media accounts. I use this to schedule out the majority of my social media posts. They have Free and Paid versions. I setup my social media posts on Sunday and don't worry about it throughout the week. 
  • Canva - I use Canva to create most of my social media posts, graphics, etc. They have a free version but I use the paid because it has a couple of tools I love. 1) It allows me to magically resize one graphic to fit the size for other social media posts (which saves loads of time). And 2) it allows me to have a transparent background. This actually helps with what I do. Plus, in the paid version I'm able to upload my logo and fonts, and create branding so I don't have to remember my color codes or anything.
  • Tailwind - 
  • Ontraport - 
  • Zapier - 
  • Thinkific - 

programs i recommend:

Coaching - Professional Development/Business Growth

  • Biz Chix - Please let Natalie know who told you about her. She only works with people she knows so if you let her know I sent you, she'll probably work you into one of her amazing coaching programs.  
  • Busy Building Moms - Name drop me when you first chat with Monica.
  • Blissful Naptime - Again, please drop my name so Kathy knows who sent you. :) 
  • Boss Mom Academy - There's no direct link, but if you decide to join, please use my name during your initial 15-minute call with Dana Malstaff.

Academies - Courses and Monthly Subscription Programs I recommend

Products and Books I recommend:

  • Selfie Ring Light - Great for doing Facebook Lives, taking selfies, videos, pictures, etc. Plus it has 3 levels of brightness so you're covered no matter where you are. I really like the size as well, it easily fits into my purse. Only $10! 
  • Cell Phone Holder - I am in love with this for videos and Facebook Lives. It's also going to come in handy as I really want to demonstrate different things. Again, Only $10! 
  • If you're planning on doing podcasts or any other types of interviews, meetings, trainings, etc. you will need a good headset and microphone. This Logitech headset is inexpensive and has clear sound to help with recording. 
  • Pat Flynn: Will it Fly? - Amazing book that showcases how to understand if an idea is worth the effort. In this book Pat Flynn helps you narrow down and examine if an idea (business/company idea) is worth pursuing. 
  • Business of Belief - I read this book several years ago while finishing up my last semester of college. I still reference it today. It outlines why you need to believe in your message, your following, and your mission. It expresses the deep understanding that if you do what you love, money and happiness will follow.